Building Excitement For Science In And Out Of The Classroom

Photo of field irrigation in Pinal

Thanks to the sponsorship of Abbott Fund, Arizona Project WET (APW) is able to offer in-classroom presentations and field day experiences for students in Pinal County. APW experience and enthusiastic facilitate learning through inquiry and exploration. Our curriculum units align to Arizona Science Standards. See below for information on our available programs.



School Programs

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Groundwater Conservation Education


6th - 12th Grade 

GCE is a specialized STEM curriculum unit focused on groundwater education and conservation and delivered by APW facilitators. Students will explore the groundwater system using various models, learn about water conservation technology and best management practices, through interactive in-person lessons. Students also have the opportunity to investigate water usage and save water at home or school through a hands-on project.

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Water Conservation Programs


Water Scene Investigations

The Water Scene Investigations (WSI) Program challenges people to become wise water users. By installing water efficient devices like faucet aerators, hunting down and repairing leaks, and learning more about water efficient appliances, Arizonans can save water and money. Our WSI teams, at home or at schools, investigate water use and put their learning into action to save water!

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Arizona Water Festival


4th Grade 

Arizona Water Festivals (AWF) instill a deeper understanding of water in the earth system and Arizona's water resources through a 4th grade curriculum unit driven by exploration and inquiry. The program includes teacher professional development; 10 lesson plans that activate learning; festival modules on groundwater, watersheds, the water cycle and water conservation technology; and a celebration of learning with water professionals and community volunteers.

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